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Director's bio

ILIONA BLANC is a French-American director based in Los Angeles.


Though she is fairly new to the scene, Iliona has already begun to make her mark by collaborating with a variety of independent and signed artists.


With her Parisian eye, Iliona brings a unique take on glamour, femininity and sexiness. Her involvement extends to the nitty gritty details of wardrobe, set decor, and choreography. 


Iliona’s storytelling is strongly inspired by European filmmaking, culture and fashion. Her music video work is visually stimulating, provocative and edgy. The characters exhibit surprising depth for a music video, showcasing complexity, power, vulnerability and strength. Most of the work is narrative, verging on a short film in a music video format.


Her work has been showcased in a few film festivals in Europe and the US in “best music video” category.


In 2016, Iliona founded her own production company named “American Dream Prod”. 


Currently she divides her time between filmmaking, art directing and her musical career.

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