ILIONA BLANC is a singer-songwriter, musician and director.


Based in Los Angeles, Iliona was born in Gabon, Africa and raised between Paris and the South of France. Self-taught badass guitarist bringing a sultry vibrato, with African influence to her guitar sound, she’s a multi-instrumentalist, who also plays piano and percussions with incredible grace. 


Iliona’s avant-garde, yet classy, progressive pop indie music is a celebration of female power, freedom and the humanness, with all its dark, light, brokenness and triumph. Women reclaiming their crowns and with it their power, presence and personal narrative is a central theme to Iliona’s music, lyrically and visually. She writes her music for women, though it certainly appeals to both sexes.


A soulful storyteller, Iliona’s music is sensual, vulnerable, intimate and daring. Her voice is unique and captivating. Never shying away from the darker, shadow sides of self, life and love.   

Iliona has collaborated with Grammy Award winning music producer, Bob Robinson of Tim & Bob, whose produced hit songs for Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, Babyface, Toni Braxton, TLC, Jennifer Lopez and many others.    

As a music video producer and director, with a European eye, she brings a unique take on glamour and elegant sexiness. She has styled and choreographed, for herself and recently for a Billboard’s top 50 artist. Her music videos are visually stimulating, provocative and edgy, with a strong message of female power in all its complexity, vulnerability and strength. 

Iliona released her single “GoldFingers” last April, followed by "You're My Kind of Man" in June. Both music videos were self-directed. "GoldFingers" has recently been in the official selection of a few film festivals in Europe and the US in the “best music video” category.

Her new single "Sugar Daddy" will unveil on October 27th 2020.

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